Player Races

Here you will find information on the races that have thus far been translated to 3rd edition and approved for my campaign. All of the races described in the Player's Handbook are available, however some differences will be found in my campaign world. Listed below are the races permitted in my game, and any changes that might be necessary to play them.

The "Common" Tongue

It should be noted that, unlike other D&D game settings, there is no Common language present in the Known World. The most widespread language seems to be Thyatian, but it is by no means spoken in all realms. Human characters should substitute the official language of their homeland for Common, and non-humans should select the prevalent human language in, or near, their land of origin (in most cases this will be Thyatian or one of its dialects). Refer to the Gazetteer section for more on the languages spoken in various lands.