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Here you can find a list of links to other sites related to D&D, my favorite sites, etc. Use this as an opportunity to crawl inside my head and find out what the DM is thinking.

Spoiler Alert!

I just want everyone who is playing in my game to know that I would prefer that you not go visiting any other Mystara related websites. It's not that I want to control you while you're away from the game table, I just don't want you guys to spoil the game for yourselves.

Most other Mystara sites are 10 to 15 years ahead of my game on the officially published timeline. They will contain references to events that have not yet happened in my game, and in some cases never will. They may also contain background information that is not common knowledge in my campaign. This includes sites for the Hollow World and Savage Coast settings.

If you need more specific information on a Mystara related topic, just ask me. I am all too eager to share knowledge of the campaign with my players.

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