The Chronicles of Mystara: A D&D 3rd Edition Campaign


You've found the website for my D&D 3rd Edition campaign, set in the Known World region of Mystara. This site was created as an online resource for both myself and the players of my game. However, if you are not a player of my game I wish to welcome you to look around. The site is not quite finished yet, so please excuse any lack of content - I plan to remedy that situation eventually.

Mystara actually covers several campaign settings, including the original Known World setting, the Savage Coast campaign, and the Hollow World, in addition to numerous official modules and supplements. My campaign is firmly based in the Known World (although I am allowing characters from the Savage Coast region).

Presently, it is late spring in the year 1005 A.C. (After Crowning), and the players are adventuring in the Hollow World, while the nations of the Outer World prepare for war.

One more thing. Much of the material on this site is recycled from old TSR (now Wizards of the Coast) products, and an appropriate reference will be found whenever copyrighted material is being quoted from. Any copyrights and trademarks remain the property of Wizards of the Coast, and the presence of such material on this site should not be inferred in any way to challenge the rights to said property. This site is for my own private use and the use of my players (however, I welcome visitors to look around). All original material, except as noted above, is my own and is considered protected work under applicable copyright law.


In addition to providing information about my campaign, this site serves as a means for me to experiment with web design. Presently, this site uses CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).